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Stepping Up | Standing Out

We’re proud to launch a new addition to the Luna Blu Mar line—one that’s near & dear to our hearts: the CAMO bib!

We grew up in a proud military family. Every morning, we’d watch our Dad get up long before the sun rose, put on his camo fatigues & lace up his boots. With the flag on his shoulder & Mom’s kiss on his cheek, he’d head out the door in service of our country.

As we head into Father’s Day Weekend, we‘re proud to release the LBM camo bib, in honor of our Dad, our family, and our love of this country.

For each camo bib that’s purchased, we’ll donate a bib to a military family in need. We were raised hearing that “the military is one big family and you never have to go far to find a brother or sister.” In that spirit, we’re proud to support the members of our extended military family.

As our Dad taught us from an early age “you can’t always pay it back, but you can always pay it forward.”

Thanks, Dad.


our unique bibs are an extension of your babies clothing, not a boring add-on.  

  • the CAMO bib comes with a camouflage pattern on one side, and the softest black fabric on the other. 
  • size is approximately 6" x 8". one size fits most. it may fit bigger on a newborn and smaller on a one-year-old.
  • each item is handmade, therefore there will be slight variations including but not limited to, placement of fabric/designs, stitching, and snap closures. 
  • care: machine wash with cold water. no bleach. tumble dry low. 




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