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How Your Purchase Makes a Difference

Women hold up half the sky - Chinese Proverb

Luna Blu Mar supports the educational non-profit, Sowing Seeds of Love (Founded in 2011 by Co-Owner, Lindsey). By partnering with Sowing Seeds of Love, Luna Blu Mar is able to provide educational scholarships and opportunities to over 100 indigenous girls by providing the necessities to attend The National School.  Luna Blu Mar is committed to extending the reach of education by providing scholarships to girls around the world. 

In addition to school scholarships and education, Luna Blu Mar is empowering indigenous women and girls by teaching them a trade (sewing). We've had the honor of working with the indigenous women for 6 years, through Sowing Seeds of Love's various projects. While living in Panama, Lindsey spent countless hours teaching the women how to sew and their skills have improved tremendously. These women have sewn bibs for orphanages in Panama, and donation trips in Washington DC and Syria. Most recently, the women started to teach young mothers at a local orphanage how to sew.  

We truly believe that the future is female. When you educate and empower a girl, a nation is changed. It's a beautiful cycle, and we hope you'll join the movement.  

 To learn more about the projects we support, visit our non-profit Sowing Seeds of Love