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Meet the Founders

mama to three littles, social media maven, margarita connoisseur
Melody is the oldest of the sisters, and has been living in Arlington, VA for 10 years. Her background is in Sales & Marketing and Social Media for the fitness industry. After having three kids in three years, Melody wanted to find a way to combine her passion for kids + owning a small business. Melody has a love for beautiful products (Made in the USA) and babies - Luna Blu Mar is the culmination of all of her favorite things. 
aunt extraordinaire, manufacturing diva, business owner lover 
Middle sister, Lindsey, moved to the Republic of Panama in 2011 to start the education non-profit, Sowing Seeds of Love and clothing company, 4Love Clothing. After moving to Arlington, VA to be closer to family in 2015, the sisters decided it was time to embark on owning a business together. Lindsey has extensive background in manufacturing and wholesale, sourcing, and textiles. Lindsey is a social entrepreneur that loves giving-back and empowering others - Luna Blu Mar is the perfect outlet for both.